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Savory Barley Oats

I am craving a savory alternative to the Klaus K-style Barley Oats I've been cooking with apple and almond. Also, I'm too lazy to do anything like soft boil an egg so all will have to be baked overnight. Here's an attempt: 

1) 1-cup Barley Oats

2) 3-cups whole milk

3) 1-cup heavy whipping cream

4) 2x eggs 

5) 1x tablespoon sriracha (might alter to taste or appearance) 

6) half cup diced red onion

7) 1x tsp salt 

8) 1.5x pork chorizo sausages

9) paprika and cheyenne pepper to taste

10) 2x cloves garlic

Bake overnight at 180 fahrenheit

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