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The Franklin

This is a sort of strange take on a cold brew beverage. It’s nice on hot ass days and was thunk up by me and my partner Caitlin. She’s been getting hooked on nitro cold brew so we cooked this up as an alternative.


1) 3-8 (or more) tbsp’s agave, honey, brown sugar or molasses. whatever you want.

2) 1 tbsp of cinnamon powder

2) 1-3 tsp’s vanilla extract

3) Seltzer water, 16 oz.

4) 10 oz of ground coffee

5) water

6) orange (optional)

I made this sort of haphazardly at first so bear with me here. Basically, you want to make like 20 oz of super concentrated coffee. You can do it by doubling the ground size of your perc or pour over but the best way is to do typical cold brew. You can make 20oz of cold brew by grinding about 5oz of coffee to coarse ground and steeping in cold water for 12-15 hours. I make it in a french press and just press the coffee out and then transfer it over but you can also just use a pitcher and pour it out through a coffee filter. Anyway…

Once you get your 20oz or so of concentrated cold brew you put it in a saucepan and get it hot but not boiling. Stir in the sweets. Cinnamon, agave, honey, sugar or molasses, and a bit of vanilla. I estimated these quantities. Do it to taste depending on the severity of your sweet tooth. Once everything is stirred in and dissolved transfer it over to something like a pyrex and throw it in the fridge.

Once it’s chilled I serve it over ice with 1/2 cold brew concentrate to 1/2 seltzer water.

If you’re feeling REAL crazy squeeze some fresh orange into it. CRAZY!

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