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12/04/17- Electrical

I've spent the past week sorting through electrical issues. I had been pressure washing the bike between intake and pipe installations. I was doing this to gradually get all the crappy rattle can paint off the engine but I think I shorted something as my ignition stopped getting spark. 


I'm running an Ultima ignition with what I believe to be a single fire coil. This is good because it's simple and supposedly pretty stable and high quality. I have discovered, however, that I am missing the Vacuum Operated Electrical Switch which is supposed to advance the timing at higher RPM's. Will think about adding later but for right now will try to get bike back on road. The Ignition wire sleeving was eaten through by some of the solvent I was using to peel the paint. This is frustrating. 



The wiring on the bike currently is a bit of a joke. Lots of things missing including the ECM, turn signal canceler, and others. The front of the harness by the controls has a bunch of quick splice connectors and the whole thing is covered in heat shrink and huge soldering bumps. Against the advice of Jackson at Lucky Wheels I have decided to gut the harness and replace with new rather than chase down the spark problem. This will involve the following:

  1. Take out old main harness and re-run new.
  2. Add turn signal canceler. 
  3. Re-sleeve Ultima Ignition Harness and test voltage and continuity. 
  4. Build/repair control/switch harnesses with Multi-lock connectors. Research has led me to Namz as the only supplier for the original connectors for Harley 1971-1995 are called "Mate-n-lock" and I can't find them anywhere else. The good news is they are relatively easier to deal with and cheaper than Deutsch or later Molex. 
  5. Re-adjust ignition timing. 
  6. Fire up and ride into sunset??? 

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