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State of affairs come August

After struggling with the electrical for about 6 weeks I gave up and dropped the bike at RPM Attack in Glendale. That was on April 15th. The bike has now been at this shop for 3 months for the turn signal fix. I am a bit fed up and have told Chris at RPM Attack that I will be picking up the bike this Wednesday done or not or whatever. He seems like a nice guy and the work that he's done thus far is decent but he's told me "the bike will be done by this weekend" for about 9 weeks in a row and I'm over it. 

The bike will be coming home this week. After which it will be time to do the following:

  1. Assess how much progress Chris made and try to get the signals working if they are not already.
  2. Add spacers and pegs to come off the luggage brackets. 
  3. Replace the kickstand with one that is not bent.  


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