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OZO Cooling Fan

We noticed that the OZO would shut down when ambient temperatures topped 88°F. Live broadcast projects required longer operating times and the camera was often being used in direct sunlight for hours on end. We needed a design that could cool the camera significantly, could be reliable for field use, and would be simple enough to be manufactured and assembled by our reseller partners. I went to work designing preliminary plans and rapidly had working units ready and available to use in the field. I enabled our two biggest resellers to build the fans and they are now for sale worldwide. 

  • Lowers operating temperatures over 10F and ambient temperatures anywhere under 95F. 
  • Reliable to live broadcast standards. 
  • Easy and cheap to assemble and manufacture. 
  • Fully integrated with OZO passive cooling and "chimney." 
  • Easy to use and can be switched off for sound sensitive moments. 
  • Can be powered from existing OZO power supply. Turnkey accessory requiring zero modifications. 



The first OZO Cooling fans went out on a 6-OZO camera project at the music festival, Austin City Limits. ACL is held during notoriously warm weather. The producers were unwilling to use the OZO system on the project without a known and viable cooling solution. With the addition of the OZO Cooling Fan, they are now OZO enthusiasts and intend to use the OZO on many future projects. The project went from an idea and client need, to execution extremely quickly. 

OZO Cooling Fan in action at ACL. 

OZO Cooling Fan in action at ACL. 

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